Friday Feels

Happy almost weekend!!

Do you ever feel yourself getting into a rut? Stress from work, relationships, life, current events or whatever it may be can really dampen your mood and creativity. I was feeling a little uninspired until recently, something about the change in season feels so good! Here are a few things that are inspiring me right now and I hope they do something for you too. 


1. Books By Women w/ Impact: The two white books are by Diane Von Furstenburg and Rachel Zoe, both dynamo creatives and successful business women. Also, on lawyer side I am reading "Sisters in Law". Remembering that even the most inspirational people face challenges is incredibly grounding.

2. Fall Scents: Yes, I'm basic and adore fall candles it's true. I'm particularly digging "Leaves" and "Pumpkin Pecan Waffles" from Bath and Body Works (don't pay more than $10, they always go on special). Lighting a candle while doing chores, taking a bath, or watching a show instantly improves the atmosphere (aka cozy af).

3. Sprucing Up Home: Rearranging shelves and de-cluttering always feels good, especially when you can use things you already have to make a visitor stop and say "Wow, I really like what you did with the books shelves". Family photos, books, and pheasant feathers have morphed some otherwise boring spaces in my place recently.

4. Staying In: I'm a super extrovert so it's nice to remind myself to take a night and lay-low. The other weekend we ordered pizza, watched a movie, and snuggled the dog.....and I didn't even have fomo (fear of missing out). Take time to relax when you can...I know, it's a luxury!

5. Leopard Everything: Cheetah is not for the faint of heart, loving that extra-ness that comes with it! Plus, loafers are a lazy-day gal's best friend and just to happening to be trending. Living in these babies from the N-Sale (Jacki swiped them too!)

6. Violet, Plum, Purple: Whatever you call it, this color has the transition into fall written all over it! Ordered this deep berry varnish **heart eyes**

7. Home Decor Inspo: Have you ever moved into a space without really unpacking for 2 months?! I'm guilty as charged! Part of the problem is it felt like work of putting up all the same stuff and not a creative process. Looking at pinterest, magazines, or books is always a way to jump start some inspiration. Loving this book right now!

8. Pet Therapy: My lab, Rufus, has been nothing short of a wild man (we're talking destroyed dry wall and nonstop barking, despite obedience classes). However, I can't imagine life without that wagging tail to come home to every day. Currently, he's soaking up every last minute he can in his puppy pool!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for whatever it is you need most right now. Have a wonderful weekend, relax if you can!! Thanks for Clocking Out with us!